Number, commas and points – worksheet

Lesson title: Numbers, points and commas


In groups write down as many different words for the figure 0, when do you use which word?

Activity 1.

In this activity you will practice listening to and repeating different numbers that have similar pronunciations and can easily be confused. Numbers ending in teen e.g., fifteen and numbers ending in ty e.g., fifty.

Part 1. As a group say the numbers on the board.

Part 2. In pairs.

Write down five of the numbers (in figures) from the board.

Do not show these numbers to your partner.

Dictate your numbers in words to your partner. He/she will write down what you say.

Listen to your partner and write down what they say.

Compare what you have written down.

Your Numbers Your Partner’s numbers

Activity 2. Decimal point and the thousand delimiting comma.

In the UK, USA and some other parts of the world the comma is used to delimit thousands and the point, or full stop is used to indicate decimals.

two thousand in figures is 2,000 and one tenth is 0.1

Pick a number from the pile on the desk, place it in-front of you so that everyone can see it, read the number aloud.

Activity 3.

Your teacher will give you a card:

You Hear You Say

……… …….

Start 10,600

……. ……..

When the teacher says ‘START’ read out the number in the ‘You Say’ column.

When you hear a number in the ‘You Hear’ column read out the number in the ‘You Say’ column.

Activity 4.

What are the names of these letters/symbols?

A a

@ &

/ \

# :

( )

% £

$ €

! ?

. ,

– _

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