Pronunciation (and ways of spelling) /ʃ/ in English (Spanish and Basque learners)

There are about twelve different spellings that have the /ʃ/ sound in English and none in Spanish, but luckily the x in caixa in Catalan, the x in kaixon in Euskara (Basque) and X as in Xabie Alonso, who seems to be well known in Spain, are all pronounced (most of the time) as /ʃ/ .

So when learners are experiencing difficulties with any of the spellings below first write Caixa and Xabie Alonso (and possibly kaixon) on the board,’ drill’  their pronunciation then move to the problem words:

Xabie, shop, Xabie, dash, Xabie, chablis etc.

shop/dash/hash/slash\ back slash










schnapps /schedule (Eng) schedule(K US)

nauseous (US)

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