Hear-Say explanation (300 words)

I was having some difficulty, encouraging a class of winemakers to reproduce the target language. They were quite happy to converse in English, but felt that ‘target language’ at 8.00 am on a Monday morning, were linguistic utterances too far.

For the next lesson I created the attached 4 way ‘Hear-Say’. Monday arrived and so did three of the four. I took the part of the fourth person. The resource was used, we swapped cards, it was reused, we swapped again and against the clock it was reused. Reflecting on the lesson, I realised that I had expended a lot of effort on a resource that was used, albeit successfully, for about 15 minutes.

Later typing out the transcript for a listening from Real 2 – older students need larger fonts – I realised that I could produce a ‘Hear-Say’ with much less effort.

I created a table with two columns, typed out the transcript in the second column and copied the whole transcript underneath itself, then completed the first column with Hear or Say – see example. Next I cut the sheets into two-line strips.

In the lesson students listened to the (CD) conversation – twice, we discussed some of the vocabulary and I distributed the strips. Students had to read the conversation aloud. Strips were exchanged and we repeated the exercise; the target language was used, repeatedly.

I now use ‘simple’ Hear-Says with a number of listenings – including FCE and CAE classes. I aim for between 4 and 6 two-line strips per person and distribute them according to perceived ability or at random – if people get consecutive strips – it keeps them on their toes – when they have uttered they still need to listen – even to themselves!

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