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Another visit to Vino Versum


Another visit to Vino Versum Kaiserswerther Strasse 40 Düsseldorf. June 2013


We started with two glasses of Markus Molitor 2011 Riesling (€8.90 a bottle). As before, the wine was just dry. The Riesling bouquet though evident seemed less pronounced than last time – maybe the wine was a little warmer, the day certainly was. Maybe we were a little thirstier. In the mouth there was also a lot of acidity and fruit, which reminded me of the 2009 Paramo de Guzman Rosado, it slipped down very easily (again).


Then I tried another Riesling: the 2012 Weiser-Kunstler. A citrus fruit nose, very dry and as the wine warmed up a little it became much more floral. Impressed I bought a bottle. Perhaps I did not get the wine as cold as it had been in the shop, perhaps I should have used different shaped glasses, at home I used flutes, the shop used more rounded white wine glasses, perhaps inside during the evening after a long day of bike riding v sitting at an outdoor bar on a sunny afternoon had an effect; something was very different. The wine I drank at home, though pleasant, bore little resemblance to the wine I had tasted in the shop. Unusually for a white wine, the one I drank at home also had some ‘wine diamonds’ so I guess not much filtration is used.


Clearly it would be hasty to jump to any conclusions about this wine, so I will have to go back an try it again.


I am not sure what the Riesling cost, but it plus four glasses of wine, plus an 8.90€ and a 9.90€ bottle came to 40€ so about 8€ I would guess.


The Ned Pinot Noir 2011 Southern Valleys, Marlborough, New Zealand

Purchased at Jacques in the Old Town Düsseldorf for €12.90 May 2013

No oak, lots of cherry fruit, fairly persistent, but when initially drunk at room temperature (24) the high alcohol content (14%) rather overwhelmed everything. Half an hour in the fridge reduced the temperature of the wine to 17/18 and the fruit then dominated, a much more pleasant experience.

Visit to Vino Versum


Visit to Vino Versum Kaiserswrther Strasse 40 Düsseldorf. May 2013.

This is a shop come wine bar hosted by the poly lingual Joannis Dimitropoulos, a man with extensive knowledge of wine and many European languages.  We started with two glasses of Markus Molitor 2011 Riesling (€8.90 a bottle). The wine was just dry, 2 rather than 1 on an aridity scale. It had a great Riesling bouquet, more floral than chemical, and slipped down very easily.



Then we tried the Markus Molitor 2009 Pinot Noir ‘Haus Klosterberg’ (€12.90) French oak, some cherry flavours, dry, well worth trying with food, so we bought a bottle and a glass.



Next up was a tasting of Günther Steimmetz 2011 Riesling (€11.90) an altogether drier and more austere wine. A more chemical nose, that at first I felt had a hint of drains, but Ruth though was ‘plastic’, a very dry and slightly pettilant mouth feel with just a hint of Riesling petro-chemical flavour. Not a sit in the sun quaffing wine, but it should go very well with shellfish.



Finally I bought a glass of another Riesling, no idea what, but it was OK. Clearly time to go, so I paid for the four glasses of wine we had drunk and the bottle to take home – €20.00 Remarkable value when you also consider the tasting and about a three quarters of an hour of Joannis’ time. We will return.


Third annual wine and spirit fair, Seville

III feria De Los Vinos, Licores Y Anisados De La Provincia de Sevilla


The Seville Wine Show. – Money not very well spent


I spent some of Saturday at a wine and spirit tasting in Seville, designed to promote local viticulture and distillation. As a wine tasting event this did not seem to be a great success. In total there were 10 bodegas (some not present on Saturday) and 6 distilleries. At this stage I confess that oxidised fortified wines like Sherry are not to my taste and I don’t drink much white wine, so I restricted an already restricted field, a lot.

First I sampled two reds from Bodegas Colonias De Galeon, a small (4 hectare) bodega run on ecological principles, in the hills to the north west of Seville. I tried the MC11 – a 2010 ‘Joven’ a local mixture of Cabernet Franc, Tempranillo and Syrah. Things did not get off to a good start as the sample was served in a small plastic shot glass. I have no idea what the wine smelled of, not fruit anyway, it tasted like wine with a very dry, green pepper finish. The wine seemed to be well balanced and had no green tannins. And that’s it. At a prospective price of €5 per bottle there is not a lot to say.

Next up was the Roble 10 – this time with Merlot added to the blend – so Claret plus Tempranillo. The roble title comes from 10 months in oak – which was the predominant taste. Again the wine was very dry. Price €7 per bottle.

Neither of the above were bad wines, but they were presented very badly – if you are going to offer a wine to be tasted, especially a premium priced wine, you need to offer it in a tasting glass – sell them to the show visitors for 1 or 2 euro each, if necessary – then people can see and smell what they tasting.


Moving on to Bodegas F.Saldo and their Lagar de Salado – 100% Tempranillio served in white plastic water dispenser cups and not very nice at all.

At this point I gave up, missing out on a raft of ‘sherry’ style wines from Fino types to Pedro Ximenez stickies I also missed out on the distilled liquids and the white wines.


Conclusion – Negatives: The show was very small, it did not provide/sell any form of tasting glasses for the wines, it was outdoors inside a marque in winter (14 Celsius more or less), there was no palate cleansing bread, no small samples of meat or cheese for the red wines. All these points limited the opportunities for the wines to shine.

Positives: The show brochure is 38 pages of very informative glossy guide. It is the best produced wine show guide I have ever been given.