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Urban Ribera

Urban Ribera Tinta Del Pais 2008 Roble €7.50 Mövenpick April 2014

Bodegas Ortega Fournier.

This is a very good wine, at the price (knocked down from a higher and less appealing figure) . 2008 is a bit old for a roble and only three months in oak, but the wine itself has been very well made.

The wine was tasted straight out of the bottle and into the glass at about 19ºC, little above the recommended temperature of 16°C. The wine shows signs of its age, it is not bright, it is a little dull and murky, when assessing the colour at the edge of the glass it is brown rather than purple.

On the nose there is the polish of French oak and just a hint of ash tray but not much fruit. And then the taste or rather the whole mouth feel. Some French oak and lots of unctuous something and long lasting something at that.

Despite the above description this is a very nice wine and one I will try at a slightly lower temperature and with different food, in fact I will probably buy half a dozen tomorrow.

If you get a chance to buy this wine at anything up to about €12.50 then I think you will have a very reasonable purchase, it is not a vibrant fruit driven joven, it is not a classic American Oak Parker special, it is a very well made wine with a distinctive and most appealing taste.