Lucero Del Alba 2011 Roble, Sembro 2012 Roble, Valdubón 2011 Roble,Lopez-Cristobal 2012 Roble


Lucero Del Alba 2011 Roble Bodegas Cruz de Alba €9.99 Karstadt Düsseldorf

Sembro 2012 Roble VIÑAS DEL JARO, S.L.U €6.99 Kaufhof Düsseldorf

Valdubón 2011 Roble Bodegas Valdubón €9.99 Kaufhof Düsseldorf

Lopez-Cristobal 2012 Roble €8.80 in Viñedo weine aus spanien, Merkurstrasse 38 Düsseldorf


Having drunk Viñedo weine aus spanien, out of their Paramo de Corcos, with no sign of any more being ordered I have had to search around a bit for an a) good and b) affordable Ribera.


I had some very good memories of the Valdubón 2011 Roble when it was on sale in Mas in Spain for about €3.80 a bottle, but at nearly €10.00 it is expensive. The Lopez-Cristobal is a far superior wine with a better balance, some very fine French Oak, lots of fruit and more life.


The Semro has been interesting, a bit drier than most Riberas, but with plenty of fruit and a very strong taste of vanilla – it reminded me of Riberas made with 5% or more Merlot and oaked – I am not sure how – to bring out the vanilla without brining out the tannins. A wine that goes very well with lamb chops and unpasteurised cheeses such as Comté and Emmental.


The final wine of the quartet is Lucero Del Alba: 6 months in American and French oak – the American oak predominates. A singular Ribera,well made, nothing nasty lurking and with some fruit and very dry. It did little for me and at this price is not a bargain. However, if you don’t like fruit driven joven Riberas and find many of the crianzas either too heavy or expensive then this may suit you.


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