Meeting role play for up to seven students. Based on Cornelson English for Meetings

I saw the original role play in Cornelsen English for Meetings unit 4 ex12. Initially there were 4 role play cards. I have added three more roles. I have also modified the original role play descriptions to avoid any copy-write issues.

This is the simplified version

General information for all participants:

You are a member of the management team of a car insurance and house insurance company. You are having a meeting to improve customer service.

The company has a call centre that employs 90 staff

30 staff phone potential customers (out bound). 60 staff answer phone calls from existing customers and potential customers.

Manager 1

People answering telephones is out of date and expensive. Staff are difficult to recruit, expensive to train and make mistakes, sometimes giving customers the wrong information.

You want the company to develop a website to help existing customers to answer their own queries and to allow existing and new customers to buy their insurance on-line.

Manager 2

You think the idea to replace call centre staff with a website is a bad idea, you strongly disagree.

A good website is very expensive to build and maintain.

You also think that the website would frighten away customers and potential customers who like to do business with people and not computers.

Who would buy insurance without speaking to someone first?

Manager 3

You disagree with the idea. You think that:

Creating and maintaining an information only – FAQ – website is necessary. People expect to be able to find out prices and answer simple queries 24/7.

But customers and potential customers want to be able to talk to someone. So well trained call centre staff are also needed.

Manager 4

You have called the meeting and will chair it.

You need to be sure about the points your colleagues make – ask questions to clarify what they are saying. By the end of the meeting you need to decide what to do.

Manager 5

You do not want to replace the call centres with a web based solution but you do think staff costs could be reduced by better use of improved telephone technology.

Automatic outbound diallers will increase (sales) productivity.

IVR – interactive voice response – allowing existing customers to identify themselves talking to a member of staff would also increase productivity . So it will be possible to increase productivity and reduce the number of staff

Manager 6

You strongly agree with most of the idea to replace the call centre with a web based solution. You think that:

The company should create a sales website. The sales website should be run by an Irish subsidiary to reduce the amount of tax paid.

An increasing number of customer queries would be answered by the web site, as the site grows, so the number of staff in the call centre could be reduced.

Manager 7

You disagree with the idea to replace the call centres with a web based solution. You think that:

The whole operation should be outsourced to a company who runs call centres.

You don’t produce your own electricity, you buy it, why not buy customer care?


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