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Lopez Christobal, Monte Pinadillo and Paramo de Corcos

Lopez Christobal roble 2012 – €8.80

Monte Pinadillo joven 2010- about €5.80

Monte Pinadillo roble 2010 – about €6.40

Paramo de Corcos joven 2011 – €6.50

All purchased in Dusseldorf in September 2013

The Pinadillo wines were OK but lacked anything special – the price a reasonable reflection on quality when compared to other German reds.  The joven was a bit dull, lacking any real fruit , insert your own word for excitement.  The joven was dominated by American oak.  It stand up well to some inexpensive Ribera  crianzas and if treated as such is a reasonable buy.

The PdC (drink cold – from the fridge) is a lovely young wine, masses of fruit, mostly cherry.  About one bottle in 12 has  had a touch of reductive taint, that has vanished within 10 minutes of opening.  This is the benchmark joven Ribera in Germany and would probably provide a retirement income for the German vintner if he got his finger out and ordered some more.

Lopez Christobal – A near perfect roble.  There is French oak, but just a hint, there is friut in abundance, it tastes great when cold from the fridge, or when it has had only half an hour in the fridge.  I am not sure it is the benchmark roble, but I have bought some Valdubon roble 2011 and some Convento Orejo roble 2011, and hope for some Baden Numan roble 2011, to find out.


Torremoron Crianza 2009

€7.80 in Dusseldorf.

A subdued Ribera Crianza, the American oak is a bit stronger than the French, but neither are new.  At this price this is a very good introduction to a 2009 Ribera Crianza.  If you like the taste, there are many that are better for a lot more money.  If you don’t like the taste you will only waste your money and be disappointed trying more.