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Convento Oreja roble 2011

I have twice drunk the crianza from this bodega and both bottles were very good, so I approached this roble with a fair bit of anticipation and was not disappointed.  I put the wine in the fridge a couple of hours before opening – this being summer – and was rewarded on opening the wine with huge amounts of fruit and a touch of French Oak.  This continued for mouthful after mouthful until the wine started to warm up and the oak predominate.  One gulp in particular was sensational the lingering aftertaste was pure ‘dry’ piccota cherry.

The bottle cost about €9.90 in Wuppertal and was worth every cent.

Warning this wine – a 2011  – throws a sediment so very little filtration and very little of the original fruit lost to the mores of the wine drinking public.

Probably the best Ribera I have tasted in the last 12 months and certainly the best roble since the Lagar 2009 in Aranda