Dehasa del Rey 2009 Crianza


Dehasa del Rey 2009 Crianza HIJOS DE ANTONIO BARCELÓ, S.A. purchased from Rossman Dusseldorf for €5.99


A dark purple colour, a bit of American Oak on the nose and a bit more in the mouth. There is some fruit. Thin and dry in the mouth, but with some length. It tastes like a co-op wine and I cannot think of another Ribera Crianza that I can buy for this price in Dusseldorf. If I were at a barbecue then I dare say that the flavour would improve a bit. That said, will I buy it again ?- Probably not. I would rather pay another €1.50 and buy the Marques de Villila, which on a good day is very good and on a bad day is better than this. Or buy the Paramo de Corcos 2011 (Tinto) – Roble for €0.50 more. Either will give you much more of a hint of the potential of Ribera wines.



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