Baden Numen ‘B’ 2009

Baden Numen ‘B’ 2009 Bodegas Baden Numan €9.90 Vino Versum Düsseldorf June 2013

Drunk on a warm afternoon – yes such afternoons do exist – and initially without any cooling.

The wine was very dark inky purple and bright, unlike previous bottles, drunk three years ago, that had been slightly cloudy. The first think that hit me was the smell of fruit and some French Oak, then the taste – big alcoholic, American oak – something like a Pesquera. This was not what I was expecting so I put the bottle in the fridge for an hour and opened something else.

The something else was Domaine De La Janasse Terre de Bussière 2010 – the VDP Vacluse version of this wine, containing non AOC Merlot. In comparison to the Baden Numen, this wine was red, not black. And the first notes were of cocoa and French Oak. fruity in the mouth and despite being 14.5% tasted less alcoholic than the 14% BN. A very nice summer afternoon wine, smooth and round enough to be drunk without food. I am sure it will also go well with something hearty later in the year. €8.90 Vino Versum Düsseldorf June 2013.

Returning to the Baden Numen and with the benefit of both food and some cooling the fiery alcohol had gone, there was a bit more fruit but most of the oak remained . A very nice wine, still tasting much more like a crianza than a semi crianza such as A&M’s Ceres.

This all left me a bit puzzled. I remember the Baden Numen I drank in Aranda as being cloudy, with a sediment but bursting with fruit and have no memory of it being a roble let alone tasting like a (very good) crianza.

I had a look at the website which was singularly unhelpful. I may have to go onto facebook and ask them if they ever made an unoaked joven.


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