Another visit to Vino Versum


Another visit to Vino Versum Kaiserswerther Strasse 40 Düsseldorf. June 2013


We started with two glasses of Markus Molitor 2011 Riesling (€8.90 a bottle). As before, the wine was just dry. The Riesling bouquet though evident seemed less pronounced than last time – maybe the wine was a little warmer, the day certainly was. Maybe we were a little thirstier. In the mouth there was also a lot of acidity and fruit, which reminded me of the 2009 Paramo de Guzman Rosado, it slipped down very easily (again).


Then I tried another Riesling: the 2012 Weiser-Kunstler. A citrus fruit nose, very dry and as the wine warmed up a little it became much more floral. Impressed I bought a bottle. Perhaps I did not get the wine as cold as it had been in the shop, perhaps I should have used different shaped glasses, at home I used flutes, the shop used more rounded white wine glasses, perhaps inside during the evening after a long day of bike riding v sitting at an outdoor bar on a sunny afternoon had an effect; something was very different. The wine I drank at home, though pleasant, bore little resemblance to the wine I had tasted in the shop. Unusually for a white wine, the one I drank at home also had some ‘wine diamonds’ so I guess not much filtration is used.


Clearly it would be hasty to jump to any conclusions about this wine, so I will have to go back an try it again.


I am not sure what the Riesling cost, but it plus four glasses of wine, plus an 8.90€ and a 9.90€ bottle came to 40€ so about 8€ I would guess.


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