Legón Roble 2011 and Ribereño. 2011 Joven


Legón Roble 2011 –BODEGAS “VIÑA VILANO”, SDAD. COOP. bought from Trink Gu Ribereño t (near Albertusse, Düsseldorf €4.99 and Ribereño. 2011 Joven EXPLOTACIONES VALDUERO, S.A. Aldi Sud, Düsseldorf, €2.99 May 2013


First up was the Legón, deep purple, slightly muddy, hints of the parent company’s excellent Viña Vilano. Lots and lots of (cherry) fruit, with no discernible hints of oak, but just the occasional taint of green tannin. A lovely wine at the price and went well with fish and a well dressed salad. Second up and both benefiting from and being handicapped by that position was the Ribereño. Not as dark but clearer to look at and then fruit, fruit and more fruit. Next time the order will be reversed, but at the moment the Ribereño wins the value for money Ribera wine (probably any German or Spanish wine, in Germany) award hands down.


Tomorrow I will be buying up some more Ribereño, next Tuesday I will be buying some more Legón – enough said?


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