Paramo de Corcos Tinto 2011 Paramo de Corcos Crianza (2008)

Paramo de Corcos Tinto 2011 Paramo de Corcos Crianza (2008)

Bought for €6:50 and €12.50 respectively in Viñedo weine aus spanien, Merkurstrasse 38 Düsseldorf May 2013

The tinto is a very nice example of a young Ribera; lots of fruit, mainly cherries, a hint of French oak, a very malleable mouth feel – reacting to different food combinations, sometimes the oak is more evident, sometimes the fruit dominates and sometimes the alcohol and unctuous nature of the wine is to the fore. So, a well made wine that reacts nicely to food and makes food matching fun.

The crianza is again well made, there is oak, there is fruit, there is a €12.50 price tag – or nearly two bottles of the ‘tinto’. It’s a good Ribera wine, with a cork supply ‘reserva’ cork and I am sure it will age and develop for a good few years yet, but when Aster are selling off their 2003 and 2004 reservas for less and when I can buy Marqués de Velilla Crianza 2008 for €7.50 locally, the price does not look so good.

I think the Paramo de Corcos crianza is a better wine, I am just not sure it is €5 better.

Also tried was the Markus Molitor 2009 Haus Klosterberg Pinot Noir Mosel Vino Versum €12.90 May 2013. The kindest thing that can be said of this wine is :French oak on the nose (when it has been open for about an hour) otherwise it is thin, slightly acidic and lacking in anything other than a hint of the Pinot Noir grape. Nice enough for a fiver, though not something to write home about.


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