Visit to Vino Versum


Visit to Vino Versum Kaiserswrther Strasse 40 Düsseldorf. May 2013.

This is a shop come wine bar hosted by the poly lingual Joannis Dimitropoulos, a man with extensive knowledge of wine and many European languages.  We started with two glasses of Markus Molitor 2011 Riesling (€8.90 a bottle). The wine was just dry, 2 rather than 1 on an aridity scale. It had a great Riesling bouquet, more floral than chemical, and slipped down very easily.



Then we tried the Markus Molitor 2009 Pinot Noir ‘Haus Klosterberg’ (€12.90) French oak, some cherry flavours, dry, well worth trying with food, so we bought a bottle and a glass.



Next up was a tasting of Günther Steimmetz 2011 Riesling (€11.90) an altogether drier and more austere wine. A more chemical nose, that at first I felt had a hint of drains, but Ruth though was ‘plastic’, a very dry and slightly pettilant mouth feel with just a hint of Riesling petro-chemical flavour. Not a sit in the sun quaffing wine, but it should go very well with shellfish.



Finally I bought a glass of another Riesling, no idea what, but it was OK. Clearly time to go, so I paid for the four glasses of wine we had drunk and the bottle to take home – €20.00 Remarkable value when you also consider the tasting and about a three quarters of an hour of Joannis’ time. We will return.



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