Prado Rey Valdelayegua 2008

Prado Rey vendemia seleccionada finca Valdelayegua Crianza 2008

Dússeldorf [Rindchen’s Weinkontor] about €14.00 May 2013

Drunk with a char grilled steak. The wine had all the characteristics of a well made (hand picked) Ribera – a dense purple black colour, fruit and oak on the nose, more fruit and oak in the mouth, and a long finish. Everything was ‘well integrated’, it reminded me of A&M’s Silvanus from a few kilometres down the road.

If you like the heavy American oak of a Pesquera wine, aBohórquez or the similar oaking of a Protos, or if you really like distinctive French oaking, then you might find this wine lacking something. On the other hand if you find American oak too dry and French oak too medicinal then this is might be for you. Is it worth €14, not when you can buy the different, but characteristically ‘Ribera’ Marqúes de Vellila for just over half the price.


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