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Legón Roble 2011 and Ribereño. 2011 Joven


Legón Roble 2011 –BODEGAS “VIÑA VILANO”, SDAD. COOP. bought from Trink Gu Ribereño t (near Albertusse, Düsseldorf €4.99 and Ribereño. 2011 Joven EXPLOTACIONES VALDUERO, S.A. Aldi Sud, Düsseldorf, €2.99 May 2013


First up was the Legón, deep purple, slightly muddy, hints of the parent company’s excellent Viña Vilano. Lots and lots of (cherry) fruit, with no discernible hints of oak, but just the occasional taint of green tannin. A lovely wine at the price and went well with fish and a well dressed salad. Second up and both benefiting from and being handicapped by that position was the Ribereño. Not as dark but clearer to look at and then fruit, fruit and more fruit. Next time the order will be reversed, but at the moment the Ribereño wins the value for money Ribera wine (probably any German or Spanish wine, in Germany) award hands down.


Tomorrow I will be buying up some more Ribereño, next Tuesday I will be buying some more Legón – enough said?


Paramo de Corcos Tinto 2011 Paramo de Corcos Crianza (2008)

Paramo de Corcos Tinto 2011 Paramo de Corcos Crianza (2008)

Bought for €6:50 and €12.50 respectively in Viñedo weine aus spanien, Merkurstrasse 38 Düsseldorf May 2013

The tinto is a very nice example of a young Ribera; lots of fruit, mainly cherries, a hint of French oak, a very malleable mouth feel – reacting to different food combinations, sometimes the oak is more evident, sometimes the fruit dominates and sometimes the alcohol and unctuous nature of the wine is to the fore. So, a well made wine that reacts nicely to food and makes food matching fun.

The crianza is again well made, there is oak, there is fruit, there is a €12.50 price tag – or nearly two bottles of the ‘tinto’. It’s a good Ribera wine, with a cork supply ‘reserva’ cork and I am sure it will age and develop for a good few years yet, but when Aster are selling off their 2003 and 2004 reservas for less and when I can buy Marqués de Velilla Crianza 2008 for €7.50 locally, the price does not look so good.

I think the Paramo de Corcos crianza is a better wine, I am just not sure it is €5 better.

Also tried was the Markus Molitor 2009 Haus Klosterberg Pinot Noir Mosel Vino Versum €12.90 May 2013. The kindest thing that can be said of this wine is :French oak on the nose (when it has been open for about an hour) otherwise it is thin, slightly acidic and lacking in anything other than a hint of the Pinot Noir grape. Nice enough for a fiver, though not something to write home about.

ValTrevieso Joven 2012

ValTrevieso Joven 2012 Kaufhof, €7.99 May 2013

First of the new season Riberas. Bright, purple with blue rivulets, some fruit on the nose but much more in the mouth, with hints of mint and most surprisingly some vanilla in the finish. A good Ribera ‘fat’ mouth feel.

Not the best Joven I have ever drunk, but for this money pretty good.

ValTrevieso is unusual in not being 100% Tempranillo. Instead it also contains some Cabernet Sauvingon and some Merlot. I imagine the mint came from the Cab Sav – could the vanilla have come from the Merlot or has ValTravieso used something else?

The Ned Pinot Noir 2011 Southern Valleys, Marlborough, New Zealand

Purchased at Jacques in the Old Town Düsseldorf for €12.90 May 2013

No oak, lots of cherry fruit, fairly persistent, but when initially drunk at room temperature (24) the high alcohol content (14%) rather overwhelmed everything. Half an hour in the fridge reduced the temperature of the wine to 17/18 and the fruit then dominated, a much more pleasant experience.

Prado Rey Valdelayegua 2008

Prado Rey vendemia seleccionada finca Valdelayegua Crianza 2008

Dússeldorf [Rindchen’s Weinkontor] about €14.00 May 2013

Drunk with a char grilled steak. The wine had all the characteristics of a well made (hand picked) Ribera – a dense purple black colour, fruit and oak on the nose, more fruit and oak in the mouth, and a long finish. Everything was ‘well integrated’, it reminded me of A&M’s Silvanus from a few kilometres down the road.

If you like the heavy American oak of a Pesquera wine, aBohórquez or the similar oaking of a Protos, or if you really like distinctive French oaking, then you might find this wine lacking something. On the other hand if you find American oak too dry and French oak too medicinal then this is might be for you. Is it worth €14, not when you can buy the different, but characteristically ‘Ribera’ Marqúes de Vellila for just over half the price.

Visit to Vino Versum


Visit to Vino Versum Kaiserswrther Strasse 40 Düsseldorf. May 2013.

This is a shop come wine bar hosted by the poly lingual Joannis Dimitropoulos, a man with extensive knowledge of wine and many European languages.  We started with two glasses of Markus Molitor 2011 Riesling (€8.90 a bottle). The wine was just dry, 2 rather than 1 on an aridity scale. It had a great Riesling bouquet, more floral than chemical, and slipped down very easily.



Then we tried the Markus Molitor 2009 Pinot Noir ‘Haus Klosterberg’ (€12.90) French oak, some cherry flavours, dry, well worth trying with food, so we bought a bottle and a glass.



Next up was a tasting of Günther Steimmetz 2011 Riesling (€11.90) an altogether drier and more austere wine. A more chemical nose, that at first I felt had a hint of drains, but Ruth though was ‘plastic’, a very dry and slightly pettilant mouth feel with just a hint of Riesling petro-chemical flavour. Not a sit in the sun quaffing wine, but it should go very well with shellfish.



Finally I bought a glass of another Riesling, no idea what, but it was OK. Clearly time to go, so I paid for the four glasses of wine we had drunk and the bottle to take home – €20.00 Remarkable value when you also consider the tasting and about a three quarters of an hour of Joannis’ time. We will return.