Marqués de Velilla Crianza 2008

 Marqués de Velilla Crianza 2008 Grandes Bodegas S.A. La Horra, Ribera del Duero, Purchased in Düsseldorf [Rindchen’s weinkontor Ellerhorst 1) 25/4/2013 for about €7.45

The first thing I noticed about the wine was the use of a ‘reserva’ length cork, which boded well for the liquid itself.

The wine was drunk with skate and a salad – so lots of butter and olive oil. It struck me as a good example of a La Horra crianza: big, powerful, significant quantities of oak, both American and French, some fruit, mainly cherry, and a long finish. A very good wine that I will drink again – so I did a week later, this time with Grey Mullet. Again the wine stood up very well to quite a strong fish.

Unlike the Altos de Tamrón 2011 Roble (€4.99) that tasted of sweet vanilla and may have gone well with ice cream, but not with roast chicken.


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