Valdubon 2011 Roble

Valdubon 2011 Roble 3 for 2 in MAS – just over €10 for three bottles.

Valdubon are situated just outside Milagros about 11 km south of Aranda de Duero. They have many of their own parcels of vines and like many of the well known Ribera producers, buy in additional grapes from small scale growers with a reputation for quality viticulture.

2011 was rated an excellent year and Javier, the chief oenologist, will have been able to buy in some very fine tempranillo grapes.

Roble is an unofficial classification of young – Joven – wines that have spent some time in oak barrels. Usually between 3 and 6 months. This Roble has spent four months in oak.

The wine is a good deep purple colour and beautifully clear (when held up to a strong light).

There is a reasonable amount of berry fruit on the nose and a substantial, though not overpowering amount of French oak in the mouth. By the second mouthful the taste of cherries comes through much more strongly whilst you can still taste that almost shoe polish flavour from the oak.

Wood and fruit are very well integrated and as it says on the bottle – it does have a pleasingly long finish.

I could not taste cocoa, vanilla or toast, nor could I taste ripe plums, but at € 3.57 a bottle I couldn’t taste any green tannins either – so most if not all the grapes were hand picked.

I don’t think this is a perfect Roble, I think it is very well made, a very good example of what can be achieved with care and at little more than the price of some of the large scale producers offerings, very good value for money.

At this price buy three, try them with lamb, beef and jamon or meatballs, then go back and buy a couple of dozen more.

A final note – the MAS buy one at full price and one at half price promotion on Fuentespina 2011 Joven has now finished so I was faced with a buying dilemma. Buy a bottle of €3.00 Fuentespina 2011 Joven or invest in three bottles of Valdubon 2011 Roble for €0.57 more per bottle.

I think I invested wisely.


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