Aster – a fine wine at a better price – an example of serendipity

A couple of weeks ago I visited a branch of Carrefour in the north of Spain to buy some lunch whilstout for the day bird watching .  Out of habit, I drifted through the wine section looking for a Ribera Del Duero wine I had not tried before.  I didn’t find anything ‘new’ but  spotted and purchased a bottle of Aster 1 reserva 2004 (for the princely sum of 5.99€).  The price seemed to be unusually low for a wine from that bodega, so I was a little dubious but nothing ventured, nothing gained.

The wine turned out to be excellent, well structured, long with a considerable amount of fruit – great with jamon or lamb.  2004 was an excellent year, the wine is well made, it should  keep for another 10 years or so.

The following weekend I visited France  via a couple of Carrefour branches  buying whatever they had (9), then last weeked I was travelling to Santander via Bilbo and another Carrefour and acquired another 11.

The last batch of wine turned out to be 2003, a very different wine, smoother, more approachable but still a very good example of a very good Ribera.  So I now have a choice, 2004 for meat and 2003 for everything else.

After this amount of time the wines have thrown small deposits –  wine diamonds indeed.

If you get the chance and like ‘big’ red wines buy and try.

If you want a Spanish view try visiting :


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